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A1 Driver Training

A1 Driver Training is an independent driving school owned & operated by Lynton Goldstein who has had many years of experience as a driver trainer.   He was accredited as an  RTA Older Driver Assessor  on 1 December 2008 (refer next page)

 Lynton was the dynamic force behind Excel Drive School’s entry into the Sydney market.   His exemplary communication skills & inter-personal skills enables him to impart his vast wealth of industry knowledge & experience to his students of all ages & backgrounds,  providing top quality, professional driving lessons.

Learning to drive safely & efficiently takes much more than learning  car control skills,  road rules and passing a driving test.  Learning to drive demands developing the right attitude &  skills to be a safe driver for life.

Passionate about teaching road safety Lynton is committed to training responsible, safe drivers & teaches his students to drive for life with all that this entails.  He applies the necessary empathy & sympathy required to bring out the best in his students  -  younger & older.

Choosing a driving instructor could be one of the most important choices you may ever make.  The manner & style of driving instruction received by you will shape your attitude to road safety & will contribute to you staying alive on our increasingly busy roads.  Almost anyone may learn to drive, but unfortunately not everyone is trained to  drive safely  -  when you drive safely, all other road-users sharing our roads with you, will be safer due to your own safe & efficient driving.
Servicing Sydney’s eastern suburbs & city areas, A1 Driver Training provides incomparable training to:-

City Driving, Narrow Lanes, Tunnels, Bridges, Merging & Lane changing, Highways, Freeways, Trucks, Buses, Bicycles, Parking, Night driving, etc., etc.   Lynton’s approach will change your life.  He respects your reality associated with your phobias.

A member of the  Australian  Driver  Trainers  Association,   A1 Driver Training  remains committed to training RESPONSIBLE SAFE DRIVERS FOR LIFE with excellent results.

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